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Mountain Lion Family Sim


Become a Wild Cougar

Play as a furious Mountain Lion sim! Create a family, explore the wild and craft

Explore Wildworld

Dive into the wildlife of mountain lion family in the animal simulator game.
Explore forest adventure as a Mountain Lion, develop your character, upgrade your skills by leveling up, complete quests to earn XP and coins. Build your own mountain lion lair home to live with your family. Decorate it with more than 40 elements in this mountain lion sim!

Mountain Lion Simulator – Build A Family:
The Central part of gameplay is building your own lion family. Find your love and make cute animal cubs. take care of them: feed, play, heal them, teach how to hunt and let them go into the wild.

Character Customization:
Complete quests to earn XP and coins. Use your skill points to improve health stamina and attack power.
Choose whatever color you like for you or for any member of your family

Amazing graphics
Enjoy amazing graphics. Explore different biomes such as Forest, Island, Desert. All animals in animal simulator look like real!

Real-time online leaderboards. Conquer all others player – become the strongest player!

Download now and start raising your Mountain Lion Family today!

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