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Mouse Family Sim

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Create Your Family

Decorate your campsite and house, collect resources and craft wild items!

Explore Wildworld

Welcome to Mouse Simulator: Wild Life, where you will be playing as a little mouse in a huge 3d world. Customize mouse to express real you with a lot of cool things like hats, jackets, glasses and many more to explore different worlds. You will start at the forest alone, where you should find the necessary resources to build your home.
Mouse Simulator is the best animal simulator where you personalize little mouse and explore the fantasy 3d world.

It is a fun game for kids! Collect resources and build your den for your family. Unlock collections to personalize each member of your family.

Choose your mouse and grow your virtual pet.

– PERSONALIZE your animal
– EXPLORE different locations such as forest, island and many more
– DESIGN rooms
– BUILD your dream camp
– COLLECT resources to finish orders
– SHOP for cloth, decorations for your home and accessories

The game is under development right now, so your reviews are very important, please write to us about features you want and we would be happy to implement it for you

Join the community and make an impact on the game!

Download today and dive into mouse adventure.

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